'Fix It Up' Package

If you already have a current website that you want me to fix up and add new features, then this is the package for you. I'll do everything required to move your current website to WordPress with all the custom features you need.

  • Installing the WordPress CMS
  • Building your website in WordPress
  • Converting your design to a WordPress theme
  • Adding custom features such as
    • Website Analytics
    • Newsletter Service
    • Social Media Integration
    • Picture or Video Gallery
    • Many more available!

'Do It All' Package

If you run a small business and don't have a website yet, this is the package for you. I have specially tailored it towards those people that are less tech savvy and just want me to do all the technical stuff required. It includes the following.

  • Purchasing your domain name
  • DNS mangement
  • Custom e-mail set up
  • Website hosting for 1 year*
  • Installing the WordPress CMS
  • Building your website in WordPress
  • Installing and customizing a visual theme
  • Adding custom features and plugins as needed
    • Google Analytics
    • Newsletter service
    • Social media integration
    • Picture or video gallery
    • Many more available!

I run a lot of websites, so I understand that each one has different needs. I work with every client to build a website that fits their vision. These prices are going to be accurate in 90+% of circumstances, but there may be additional charges if a lot of extra work is required. I will never hide this from you and will always be upfront and honest before doing any of the work.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

There is nothing to worry about when you hire me, your satisfaction is guaranteed. I am so sure you will be happy with your website that I will give you 100% of your money back if you aren't satisfied with the service I have provided. I work very hard to make sure my customers are happy that if I can't provide that, I don't feel like I should be paid.

*If you are hosting your website on my servers, there is a $99/year charge after the 1st year of hosting. I pay more than this every month to provide a high quality, very reliable server and it takes a few hours a month to manage and keep running.