Camelot Cakes

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I met Kat from Camelot Cakes when my wife Kyra and I were looking for our wedding cake. Kat was having the same problems that I hear from a lot of small business owners; they purchase a website and then the builder disappears, never to be heard from again. This leaves the business owner unable to keep their website updated or change minor things as their business evolves.

Kat already had the design for, but she wanted to be able to blog and upload pictures of her cakes in a portfolio. I was able to cut up the website design and move it to the WordPress blogging platform. I was able to set up a picture portfolio and blog section that she can easily update as she wants.

Camelot Cakes

Bonus: Here’s a picture of our wedding cake that Kat made. It looked amazing and tasted fantastic (unfortunately that means there was none left for us to take home)

Jons Wedding Cake